Gaming Mouse & Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Guild Wars 2

We came across this Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Controls cheat sheet image on the Guild Wars 2 website and it shows you all the controls and shortcuts you can use for GW2. We found it really useful for explaining how GW2 is played and how to access many parts of the game that require you to have knowledge of these tricky hard to remember keys. For example, if you want to join a PvP match, you start by going to the Hero Panel, shortcut H. The reason for this simple layout (compared to other games) is that ArenaNet wants you to play the game not the UI. There are a few areas that you should take note of: Profession Specific Abilities, Weapon Skills, Utility Skills, Heal Skill and Elite Skill. These are the main keys for EVERY profession, with the same layout, that allow you to perform actions whether they are offensive or defensive. The only thing that changes are the abilities in that specific section. Even though the layout may seem basic it is still very overwhelming when you go into battle so don’t jump to any conclusions about the game.

Guild Wars 2 Gaming Mouse Bindings

Below is a break down of Guild Wars 2 shortcuts and controls for 2 button and gaming mice. However, if you can afford an MMO mouse with a number of buttons is your best option, we recommend checking out the following guide if you’re looking for the best MMO gaming mouse for 2018 and probably beyond (mice last years). However, if you’re a casual gamer and you are not prepared to invest in a MMO gaming mouse or just own a 2 button FPS gaming mouse, then following keyboard shortcuts can be used for accessing the user interface, activating your abilities in battle and communicating in a party, group or in general chat. Additionally you can also keybind your own abilities to be more efficient and to fit your play style.

See the the Image below for reference and refer to the table below.

Gaming Mouse & Keyboard Cheatsheet Image showing an Overview of the controls

Keyboard Controls and Shortcuts

Key Command Description
ESC Game Menu
F1-F4 Profession-Specific Abilities
F11 Options Menu
F12 Log Out
~ Drop Bundle / Swap Weapons
1-5 Weapon Skills
6 Healing Skill
7-8 Utility Skills
0 Elite Skill
TAB Target Next Foe
Q Strafe Left
W Move Forward
E Strafe Right
R Auto-Run
Y Contacts
I Inventory Panel
O Commerce Panel
A Turn Left
S Move Backward
D Turn Right
F Interact
G Guild Panel
H Hero Panel
M World Map
SPACE Jump / Swim Up

Group / Party Controls

Key Command Description
/invite [name] Invite a player to join your party
/join [name] Request to join a player’s party
/leave Leave your current party
/kick [name] Move to kick a party member
Ctrl+T Suggest a target to your party

Chat Controls

Key Command Description
Enter Begin / send a message to the current channel
Tab (with chat panel active) Cycle through chat tabs
/l or /local [message] Message nearby players
/p or /party [message] Message your Party
/g or /guild [message] Message your guild
/team [message] Message all players in your WvW squad (commancder only)
/squad [message] Message all players in your WvW squad (commander only)
/t, /tell, /w or /whisper [name], [message] Send a private message to a player
/r, /reply or Backspace Reply to the most recent private message
Shift+Left-Click and item Link the item stats in the chat
Shift+Left-Click a waypoint Link the waypoint for location in chat

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