Use Key-binding’s to Be More Efficient in Combat

you don’t already know, a keybind, simply stated, is a keyboard shortcut which allows you to press a key instead of clicking it with your mouse. Keybindings are a great way to make your gameplay more efficient by creating comfortable reach access for your fingers. The ability to easily reach and press your profession’s abilities can greatly alter your gaming experience. Additionally, it is imperative to use keybinds to make yourself more competitive.  Now there are numerous ways to customize your keybindings. I suggest playing around with them and using whichever is most comfortable and maximizes efficiency for you. Remember, everyone has a different and unique play-style.

When you first start playing, some of the keys are already bound. The default settings do not support the most efficient and skillful play. Change these from the beginning so you can familiarize yourself with the keybinds right from the start and do not have to adjust to it later on in the game. You can easily do this from the options menu. If you want to learn more about the standard keyboard and mouse shortcuts check out this post for our gaming mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

Although some gamers out there use a gaming mouse which is equipped with extra buttons, this starter guide is for the casual gamer or one that still prefers the two buttons mouse. As a basic principle, you want everything as close as possible to your “home” keys which is where your fingers will be during most of your gameplay. Most likely you will use your movement abilities as your “home.” With this in mind, you will want to focus on using the left hand side of your keyboard only. I am also assuming the reader uses the mouse for turning, camera moving, and moving. If you still use keys to move, I suggest switching to the mouse so you can turn faster and move quicker while using the movement keys for strafing.

Your weapon swap “~” and weapon abilities “1-5″ are all in pretty good range and do not necessarily need to be changed. However, the rest will be. Let’s change the movement keys: W – strafe left, E – forward, R – strafe right, D – dodge. This moves our movement keys slightly over but still easily in range of our weapon abilities. Also you see there is no back-peddle but dodge instead. I find this more helpful for two reasons. One, back-peddle is terrible because it is very slow and makes you more vulnerable. And two, you will no longer have to double tap for dodge making using this ability more simple. Your healing ability is one of your most important abilities so should be located very close to your home; make your heal skill Q. Next change your utility skills and elite skill to A, S, F, and G respectively, of course you can leave them as the F keys if you prefer. Again this allows very easy access with your fingers to these important abilities. Now move your profession abilities to Z, X, C, and V. All of your abilities are now condensed into a more central location. Some other things you might want to keybind are interact (which is finish/revive) to T and scoreboard to B.

Try out these settings and see how you like it. Remember, this is a guideline and everyone has their own keybind sets they like. This article is just to bring awareness to those who do not use them and show its importance. Eventually, your entire keybind set should be memorized and become second nature allowing you to use your abilities with accuracy and speed as intended without having the need to look down. Each and every one of your combat abilities should be keybinded for optimal gameplay. Again, there is no “right way” to bind your keys so do what feels best but it is definitely worth customizing. I have to mention there will be a learning curve once you change your keybinds so stick with it and be patient!

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