Useful Tips for Questing in Guild Wars 2

While playing in the first Guild Wars 2 BWE I heard a lot of people saying they didn’t know how to ‘quest’. The reason they were having trouble is because the whole idea of questing is different in Guild Wars 2. When you’re leveling you can’t treat it like other MMORPG’s you played in the past. If you do then you will end up wasting a lot of time standing around. Typically when questing you find an NPC, pick up a quest, kill or gather x amount of y, return to npc… you know the deal. There’s only one problem with that mind state, that is not how Guild Wars 2 works. 

If you want to learn how to quest then you should stop thinking of it as questing. It’s hard concept to grasp but you will be better off  exploring the world ArenaNet has provided for us. Seriously, just go out and enjoy the game and you will stumble upon dynamic events and other objectives that will cause you to level naturally. The best strategy I had while playing was to try visit each marker on the map. The map has a variety of icons on it which lead you to important parts of the world that will help your character progress. Many MMO’s have tried to do this but from what I see so far none succeed as well as ArenaNet has with Guild Wars 2.

These tips should help you with your adventure through Tyria.

1. Use your map and explore the world.

The number one tip I can give you is to use your map and just explore the game. Like I said earlier there are many icons on the map that indicate where important areas are. Learn to use them early because the faster you get used to the markers the faster you will level. In the simplest form of questing you can just try to visit each of these locations and you will begin to level organically. Who knows, you may even stumble upon a jumping puzzle.

2. Follow your personal story.

Your personal story line is marked by a green circle on the map and you will notice a green arrow pointing you to the next part of your story. This is a major part of PVE in Guild Wars 2 and their are potentially thousands of variations in the stories. This is independent from the dynamic events system and you will have to join a specific instance to complete it. You can bring a friend along but the instance will be scaled up appropriately.

3. When in doubt, ask a Scout.

Scouts are NPCs who point players towards Renown Hearts,  also called Renown Regions.  If you look on your map the Scouts are marked with a spyglass icon and the renown hearts are marked with, you guessed it, hearts. Scouts will uncover areas of the map that you may not have visited yet. If you choose to venture to these areas you will have a chance to complete local goals and gain gold and karma. The heart shaped goal markers may also lead you to Dynamic Events which brings us to our next tip.

4. Join in on Dynamic Events.

Dynamic events replace the traditional questing model of other MMOs. While traveling through the world you will automatically be pointed to Dynamic Events which are marked by an orange circle on your map. If you notice an event going on while you are travelling to another objective take a second to join in. Not only will it be fun but you will gain experience, karma and coin for doing so.

5. Pick up all Waypoints.

Waypoints provide a way to quickly travel in Guild Wars 2 and since there are no mounts they are very important. You will automatically pick up waypoints when you are close enough to the marker. Once you pick one up you can travel to it at anytime for a small fee. It can be very time consuming having to run back to a distant part of the world because you missed a waypoint. So make sure you check your map regularly and pick up waypoints that are nearby.

6. Complete Skill Challenges.

Skill challenges are marked on your map with a bluish icon that looks like an arrow pointing up. Completing skill challenges reward players with skill points that can be used to unlock slot skills. These are crucial to advancing your characters abilities since they provide you with the last five skills on your action bar. The faster you get these unlocked the better off you will be. Some elite skills can cost up to 25 points so get to work!

7. Find your vistas.

ArenaNet introduced a new segment into map completion called Vistas. They are marked by a double red triangle icon and some of them may be a little tricky to find at first. Visit these vistas just like you would visit all the other icons on your map. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t find your way to the vista at first just try to get to it from another side. Many vistas also have floating stones you can jump on to get to the location so look around for them.

8. Play with your friends.

They don’t call it an MMO for nothing. What makes Guild Wars 2 such a great game, yes its already a great game, is the community so why not enjoy the game with your friends and other players. ArenaNet has said over and over they want to facilitate team play and the game is built from the ground up to promote that. If you aren’t quite sure what to do or are getting bored playing alone (which I don’t recommend) see what other players are doing in your area. Maybe they need help with their personal story or completing a dynamic event. Use your chat and join up with others for a change of pace, you might even make some new friends in the process.

If you have any other tips for leveling just drop a comment below. Anything to help another player is greatly appreciated. Hope this article was helpful and good luck on your journey through Tyria!!

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