Skills and Abilities that Give You an Edge in sPvP

When playing a structured PvP tournament in Guild Wars 2 there are a few things you should consider before signing up. One change that will likely have to be made is to the build you are using whether it was for casual PvP or PvE. These tournaments are a little more difficult to win since most teams are set up for a specific purpose. In the tournaments you will likely be faced against some people whose sole purpose is to defend a point. Compare this to casual PvP where everyone will likely be on the offensive and you can see where we are going with this. Below we discuss some skills and abilities you should consider and understand to provide you with an edge heading into battle.

Stability might be one of the most important abilities in sPvP because it directly effects one of the biggest and essential tactics to winning, finishing your opponent. If you consistently do not finish your opponent, there really is no hope for capturing that control point. Your enemy will continue to rally until you are down and they will make sure to finish you off. Stability is a boon that ignores control effects so when an opponent attempts to interrupt, fear, daze, etc. you will continue with your spike and end that player sending them to respawn. There are a few ways to gain Stability: utility skills, elite skills, and some through traits. Be sure to know your class and take advantage of this ability.

On the other side of Stability is using your Control effects like Fear or a Knockback to help revive fallen allies. When an opponent downs your ally, they will attempt to finish them. Use whatever control ability you have to interrupt so you or your teammate can either revive your fallen ally or give you enough time to finish off one of them to rally.

Condition Removal can play a vital role in your survival especially against certain builds that are focused completely on condition damage. It is always beneficial to have a skill or two that remove conditions from you or from you and teammates. Utility skills, elite skills, a few healing skills, some classes have weapon skills, and combo fields are all ways to provide condition removals.

Dodge is definitely an ability that can save your life in multiple situations especially when used correctly such as against an opponent’s big burst damage attack. If you can evade this, you will now have the upper hand. Another reason to use dodge is that it can do more than just avoid damage. Some skills and traits also allow dodging while using an ability (damaging or healing someone as well). Others might provide helpful aid such as a Ranger’s Evasive Purity which removes a condition from you and nearby allies during your dodge roll. Read here for more info on dodging.

De-Target abilities like stealth, hide in plain sight, clones can extend you life greatly and in some cases allow you to go through an entire fight without actually taking a hit. Mesmers really come to mind here because of all their clones and illusions one can easily be attacking the wrong target the whole fight.

Focus your build to fit the role on the team. Some people like to have someone who can really shut down opponents with control effects like daze and confuse so their allies can burn them down. Others may lean to holding a capture point by themselves so the others can focus on the other two capture points. If this is the case, you want a more tank like build focusing on vitality and toughness with traits that favor survivability.

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