Farming Dungeons for Armor, Weapons, Runes and Sigils

If you already have a level 80 character in Guild Wars 2, you might be interested in farming an explorable dungeon. People farm dungeons for one main reason, to accumulate enough tokens to trade for items from dungeon vendors. Each dungeon has it’s own vendor, and they offer a variety of armor with all different stats for each profession. They also sell every type of weapon as well sigils and runes used to increase stats on weapons and armor.

Everything you need to know about farming dungeons.

Finding the right look.

Every dungeon vendor has items that are unique to that dungeon whether it be in looks or stats. One thing the vendors have in common is they all sell level 80 gear. You can visit the dungeon vendors in Lion’s Arch to check it out for yourself. When deciding which armor you are going to farm, the important thing is you like the way it looks. Don’t worry about the colors since you can dye your armor, and you can always change the rune or sigil so that’s not as important right now. Read on for some more tips on farming dungeons for tokens.

Farming the right path.

Before you go into an explorable dungeon, you need to complete the story mode first. If you haven’t completed that, you need to find someone who did to join your party and they can bring the rest of the group in. Make sure you check out the dungeon vendors in Lion’s Arch to see what armor and weapons you want then farm that dungeon. You can check out a map of all the dungeon locations right here and refer to the map below for the dungeon vendors location. Once you get that done, you can start running explorable mode and leading your own group. At the start of each explorable dungeon, you have a choice of which path you would like to go down. Try out different ones until you find the one that you can complete the easiest and fastest. If you get a good group, you can earn a chest piece in a few days. Just continue to farm it and the better you get the quicker the tokens will pile up.

Map location of Dungeon Vendors in Fort Marriner, Lion’s Arch

Farming Tokens for Armor and Weapons.

Once you figure out what type of gear you like best, you can start farming the explorable mode of that dungeon but check how many tokens you need first. Visit the dungeon vendors and take note of how much each item costs so you can allocate your time wisely. Let me give you an idea of what it’s going to take for you to get an item. If you are farming for a chest piece, that will cost you 330 tokens at the time of writing this article. Currently, I’m farming CoF for the whole set. You can get around 30 tokens on your first run of the day in CoF (this number may be going up). So if you ran it once a day it would take 11 days to get the chest piece. Weapons will cost you anywhere from 210 tokens for a one handed weapon all the way up to 390 for for a two handed weapon.

Farming Tokens for Runes and Sigils.

As we mentioned earlier, you can also use the dungeon tokens to trade for sigils and runes, not just weapons and armor. So if you like one set of armor from a dungeon but don’t like the runes on it you can farm the other dungeon for the runes after you get the set. One last thing to note is that sigils and runes from dungeon vendors are not soul bound so you can buy them with your tokens and sell them at the trading post. This could be a great way to earn coin depending on how they are valued on the trading post in the future. Just make sure you check to see what they are going for, some will surely be more valuable then others. If you want to learn about other ways to earn gold, read this article.

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