Engineer: Shield and Gadgets for Protection and Knockbacks

This Guild Wars 2 build for Engineers uses a pistol and shield for weapons and focuses on a couple of gadgets for utilities. This will allow us to get plenty of conditions on our enemies and also provide us with plenty of knockbacks for defense. We will also pick up another great defensive boon, protection, from two of our utility choices. Since this is a defensive build you can focus on toughness for your stats. We also get 5% of our toughness converted to power so it would be smart to focus on stacking toughness to benefit both stats. Not only will you get a lot of conditions and power, you have the survivability of a tank with this build.

Weapon Set:

For this Engineer build we are going to use the Pistol and Shield. The first three abilities you get are provided by the pistol and give you four very useful conditions to use. Keep on using these as soon as the cool down is up. Static Shot is especially useful when you are facing a large mob. Your shield skills fill your last two weapon slots, the first reflects projectiles and does a knockback and the second shield skill throws a shield that will damage and stun enemies.

Heal Skill:

For your healing skill, pick up Elixir H which will heal you and also grant you a random boon, either Swiftness, Regen or Protection.

Utility Skills:

For our utility skills, we are going to pick up Throw Mine which will do damage, knockback and removes a boon from nearby foes. Next pick up Personal Battering Ram which will launch a target foe with a concealed ram head. These are both Gadgets and we will be buffing them through our traits. Last pick up Elixir C which will convert all conditions into random boons.

Elite Skill:

For your elite skill, pick up Supply Crate which comes complete with turrets and bandages.

Engineer Build

Traits Breakdown:

We are going to focus on Interventions and Alchemy for added toughness and vitality since this build is not focused around damage that much anyway. The last of our trait points will be spent in the Tools trait line to buff our Gadgets.

Let’s start with the Inventions trait line by picking up Protective Shield which gives you protection for 3 seconds when you are hit with a critical attack. Next pick up Energized Armor which converts 5% of your toughness to power. Last pick up Reinforced Shield which gives you 90 toughness while holding a shield and shield skills recharge 20% faster.

Next let’s move to the Alchemy trait line and pick up Protection Injection which gives you protection for 5 seconds whenever you are disabled. Next pick up Self-Regulating Defenses causes you to automatically drink and elixir S at 25% health. This causes you to shrink yourself, come out of stun and evade attacks. Last pick up Automated Response which makes you immune to conditions when health is below 25%.

Last, we are going to the Tools trait line to spend the rest of our points on Speedy Gadgets which causes your Gadgets to recharge 20% faster.

Play Style:

When you start off the fight, begin stacking bleeds with your first pistol ability. After the enemy is worn down a bit, shoot your Poison Dart volley which will poison the enemy. If there is a large mob and you want to do some AoE, shoot off Static Shot which will bounce through multiple foes causing confusion and blind. You can also use this if you are in a one on one for added defense. The blind will make their next attack miss and confusion will cause damage to themselves when they attack. When the enemy gets close, you have a few options of how to get space. First you can use Throw Mine which will knock them back when they walk over it or you can explode it while they are near it. Next you can use Personal Battering Ram which will launch your foe with a concealed ram head. You can also use the personal battering ram on your basic mechanics to cripple and run from your foe. Last but not least you can use your Magnetic Shield to knock back anyone withing melee range. This will also reflect projectiles while it is charging. Once your enemies are knocked back use your Static Shield to interrupt and stun your enemies while they are at a distance. Rinse and repeat.

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