Crafting Mystic Salvage Kits and Mystic Chests

The Mystic Forge in Guild Wars 2 has a lot of recipes that allow you to craft a variety of items including mystic salvage kits and mystic chests. It’s hard to find the exact ingredients for most of these discoveries due to the large variety of combinations. Not only that but some items may be hoarded by those who found them. No worries, we are here to share with you two very nice and fairly cheap recipes for you to feast on, Mystic Salvage Kits and Mystic Chests. Starting off you can head to the Mystic Forge in Lion’s arch to to start crafting the chests and salvage kits. You will also be close to your bank, trading post and vendors making the process easier.

Mystic Salvage Kits

These Mystic Salvage Kits are a must have for anyone who salvages their items for mats. It is actually cheaper to buy the mats for the Mystic Salvage Kit and forge it in the long run than it is to buy salvage kits from the vendor. And for an added bonus, the Mystic Salvage Kit is a stack of 250 so you don’t have to keep running back to the vendor to buy more. It will also free up more space in your bag which is crucial if you are farming any dungeons.


3 Mystic Forge Stones, 1 Stack of Fine Savage Kit, 1 Stack of Journeyman’s Salvage Kit, and 1 Stack of Master’s Salvage Kit

If you do not know how to obtain the Mystic Forge Stones, I will explain. Simply press “O” to bring up the Trading Post and select the Currency Exchange. From here, click to Trade Gold for Gems. It costs 250 gems for 5 mystic forge stones which right now will cost about 1 gold. Use the gems at the gem store to buy the Mystic Forge Stones. But remember you will only be using 3 Mystic Forge Stones so you will have more left over for the next time you need to craft salvage kits.

Once you have the mats for the Mystic Salvage Kit head on over to the Mystic Forge and place 3 of the stones and the stacks of the salvage kits into it. To separate the 5 Mystic Forge Stones, simply alt + click on the item and drag it to an open inventory slot. Once all of the items are in place just hit Forge  and accept the Mystic Salvage Kits to have them placed into your bag.




1 Mystic Coin, 1 Glob of Ectoplasm, 2 stacks of Stick of butter (a stack is 250)

You can substitute sticks of butter for other items such as Soft Wood logs, Iron Ore, or Green Dowels.

Just as you did when crafting the Mystic Salvage Kits place all of the necessary items into the Mystic Forge and hit Forge. Accept the items to have them placed in your bag and you are done! Now you know how to craft both Mystic Salvage Kits and Mystic Chests. So when you have all of those mats laying around you can finally put them to use for something worth while.

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