Top 10 Best War Games of 2017!

Here is a list of 10 best war games Star Wars: Battlefront II- The resurrection of Star Wars Battlefront in 2015 was a self-contradicting issue. It figured out how to be a tear exhilarating extreme jump into the notorious science fiction. Continue reading

Ranger: Burning Combos with the Axe and Torch

This Ranger build is a little unconventional using an Axe and Torch to burn and bleed your foe with conditions. We will also be using signets for all of our utilities and buffing them through our traits to maximize their potential. Once you get used. Continue reading

ArenaNet Takes Aim at Botters

In a recent post on the Guild Wars 2 forum titled “On Botting and What We’re Doing About It” Security Coordinator, Mike Lewis, addressed the issue of botting directly. He gave us a run down of everything they have been doing about it as. Continue reading

Warrior: Control Tank with Mace and Shield

This Guild Wars 2 build for Warriors uses a mace and shield for weapons and focuses on physical utilities for control of your enemy. This will allow us to get plenty of abilities that will annoy the hell out of any opponent locking them up,. Continue reading