ArenaNet Takes Aim at Botters

In a recent post on the Guild Wars 2 forum titled “On Botting and What We’re Doing About It” Security Coordinator, Mike Lewis, addressed the issue of botting directly. He gave us a run down of everything they have been doing about it as well as their future plans for tackling it. They have already terminated 1600 accounts in the last week alone and they said the rate will be going up immediately. This will also help neutralize gold sellers taking the profits right out of their pockets. Make sure you report botters and read on for more detail of what is going on!

Here is the heart of the post from the official Guild Wars 2 forum.

“Our monitoring of ‘bot’ activity has already resulted in over 1600 account terminations world-wide in the last week alone, and we are actively tracking the most common ‘bots’ in use, so that we can continue to eliminate them from the game. As we continue to gather information on these ‘bots’, we will be increasing the rate of account termination to remove them. Please continue to report players that you suspect of ‘botting’ – your support is much appreciated.

We are actively improving our means of detecting ‘bot’ activity in the game automatically. This includes tools for our customer support team to help them verify ‘botting’ reports and efficiently issue account terminations. Recently we have also hired a team of data specialists who will be helping us create more effective tools for analyzing reports of ‘botting.’

As a side effect, these efforts directly impact the operations of third-party gold sellers (and spammers). In conjunction with ‘bot’ removal we also take Real Money Trading very seriously and actively remove hundreds of gold spammers and sellers each day.

In short, we are fully committed to keeping this community free of bots and illicit gold sellers, and we very much appreciate your assistance in identifying and eliminating them.”

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